Frequently Asked Questions


1. I have an old galvanised Hills Hoist that won't wind up and down anymore. It's about 30, 40 years old, can it be fixed? 

Replacing the secondary standard (the pipe which is attached to the arms of the clothesline usually rectifies this problem.

2. Can you still get parts for Hills clotheslines? 

Yes, at Airdri Clotheslines we carry an extensive range of spare parts for most of the Hills branded clotheslines.

3. I can't fit a rotary clothesline in my yard. What other choices do I have? 

There are a variety of styles and sizes in the Hills clotheslines range. There are fold down awning style lines which come in standard sizes (2.23M x 1.2M) with either double or single frames; long lines for narrow spaces; and compact and mini sizes ideal for small areas such as balconies and laundries.


4. I'd like a Hills rotary foldaline clothesline that I can remove when entertaining but I only have a small area. What is the smallest Hills rotary available? 

The Hills Rotary 6 is the smallest rotary foldaline available. It has a diameter of just 3M but provides 36 meters of line space. The Rotary 6 is part of the premium range and there is a choice of two colours, Ocean Breeze (dark blue/grey) and Forest Glade (green).

5. My 15 year old Hills foldaline folded up by itself and now I can't get it to stay up. It's in good condition. Can it be fixed? 

It sounds as though the latch that locks the arms of the clothesline in place has broken. That part is available for you to purchase and fix it yourself or our trained repairman can come to your home and replace the latch for you.


6. Can the line on my Hills green-coloured clothesline be replaced? 

Yes, the polycore line replacement is available in a 70M length and comes with directions for replacing the line on all the Hills branded Rotary Folding Hoists models.

7. The dog chewed the black handle on my Hills green clothesline. Can I buy a new handle? 

In most cases, yes! It's a common problem. Handles are no longer available for some of the older models.